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Our gardens, at present, are not open to public, nor is that likely to change in near future.


  1. Complete the order form that can be printed out from our web page, if you have access to Internet, or request our catalogue with order form in it, by sending 3 first class stamps.
    All orders to be posted to: Crin Gardens, 79 Partons Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 6TD
  2. Alternatively, you can just write a letter to Crin Gardens, listing the plants you wish to purchase and their costs and quantities along with appropriate payment for your order, and post it to the same address above.


At present, we only accept cheques, made payable to: M. Milinkovic, which are not processed until goods are ready for despatch. Please, do not send cash.


Lilies: Always supplied as bear rooted bulbs: ?2.90 for 1-6 bulbs pack; ?4.90 for 7-20 bulbs pack. All other numbers are multiples of these packs., i. e. 21 lily bulb pack would cost; ?4.90 + ?2.90.

Other Plants items: Most plants from this section shall be sent as bear rooted, while some may be pot grown, depending on our convenience. All will be as fresh as you are ever likely to get from any other quality source.
?4.90 for 6 plants, excluding Standard Buddlejas, which will be separately invoiced once posted. Any other number of these plants (7+ ...) will cost ?4.90 + a supplement of 25 p x additional number of plants, i. e. 10 plants would cost: ?4.90 + 4 x 25 p = ?5.90 in total, etc.

Mixed package: Both lilies and Other Plants items can be ordered together, that can be sent in one package or multiple packages, working out the postage with above information in mind.
All the above P & P rates apply to UK only.

EU: ?20.0 to be supplied per pack of up to 30. plants (excluding Standard Buddlejas), that can be :

  1. Lilies only;
  2. Other Plants items only and/ or
  3. Lilies and Other Plants items together


Spring: 1st January-31 May. Autumn: 1st June -31 December.


Spring: 1st January to 31 st May. Autumn: September end to December end.
Late lily orders in Spring are NOT desirable, because it is difficult to handle advanced, breakable lily shoots, which would also escalate the cost of packing and posting, over and above stated rates. This could apply to Other Plants items, too.
Autumn despatch of late flowering lilies, likeOriental species and hybrids, often has to be postponed for early Spring season, because these plants do not die down before Christmas, usually.


While reasonable stocks of all plants listed here are growing in our gardens, many rare lily species and hybrids can be sold out late in any one season, so becoming unavailable. In this situation, we ask potential customers to list some possible Substitutes, or indicate that they would prefer their remaining cash back.
Also, we grow many more plant varieties than listed in our catalogue or even on the web site. We, therefore, welcome enquiry from our customers about possible still other plants that we may be growing in our gardens.


We are always despatching freshly dug, healthy stock, that should grow very well if treated well by the purchaser. But, if you have any complaints, please inform us within 7 days following the receipt of your order.

No responsibility can be accepted for failure after planting, because drought, waterlogging, pests and diseases can take a toll.


Growing instructions are supplied with all lily orders, applying to lilies only.
Other Plants items key growing hints are included in their individual descriptions as given on the Website or the Catalogue. But, once you receive the order, please do the following:

  1. Open up the parcel immediately;
  2. Remove all plants out of a parcel, carefully checking their labels against your order;
  3. Plant all plants immediately if at all possible;
  4. In case of bad whether conditions not permitting planting, water your plants and place them sheltered outdoors or in the greenhouse.
Other Plants